Throughout our state, many local residents endure the burden of a high cost of living. This primarily stems from a lack of affordable housing, unfortunately resulting in many homeless and struggling families. I will combat this issue at the source to ensure that our ʻohana receive the homes they need for a healthy and sustainable future.


One of the driving forces behind increased housing costs is wealthy foreign buyers acquiring and renting out homes. I will bring innovative solutions to the Hawaiʻi legislature ensuring that local residents come first. 




Growing up on the beautiful island of Oʻahu gave me an appreciation for nature. That is why,
when I set out to do my Eagle Scout project in high school, I tackled the issue of deforestation in
the islands. I plan to continue this fight for the environment in the Hawaiʻi legislature and
ensure our beautiful ʻāina is not forgotten.


With the looming threat of climate change, mālama ʻāina will be a key aspect of my
campaign. If we as Hawaiians take care of the land, the land will, in turn, take care of us.
I will ensure this by improving the state of our sustainable energy infrastructure as well
as supporting sustainable agriculture.


Small Business

The backbone of our communities is the small businesses that sustain it. The Waimanalo Farmers Market is a key example of this; where many receive healthy family nutrition whilst supporting local small businesses. I plan to ensure that Hawaiʻi legislation reflects the tremendous value that these businesses bring to our communities.


Overdevelopment and big business are a growing issue in our district and one that I will address in the Hawaiʻi legislature. I will tackle this by supporting small businesses and helping them to grow, allowing them to compete with big business. This will continue to create local jobs, support local families, and retain the beauty that makes Kailua, Kailua.


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